Excursion – Trip to Valbona

Valbona Trip

The second trip was organized by Future Engineers Club on May 19th – 20th . Students from Civil Engineering Department were encouraged to participate in this social as well as technical trip. The aim of this activity was to visit the beautiful Valbona, located in the northern part of Albania Country.

The trip consisted of many activities, such as:

  1. Ferry trip along Komani Lake to Fierza where we got to see the breathtaking sights surrounding Koman Lake.
  2. A quick visit inside Fierza hydropower plant. One of the engineers guided us around the HPP and explained all the processes in details. Then, we went to the top of the dam in order to see the whole HPP.
  3. The second stop was to the restaurant in Valbona where we had lunch.
  4. After lunch, we went hiking and reached Valbona’s waterfall where we were able to take wonderful photos.
  5. During the evening, other fun activities were organized by the students and professors, such as games, a bonfire, dancing, etc.
  6. The second day we visited the old windmill, the canyon of Valbona and the city of B. Curri.
  7. In midday, we went sightseeing around Prizren and then we had lunch.
  8. In the afternoon, we arrived to Epoka University’s Campus.

Future Engineers Club, would like to thank all students who were present in this activity for their contribution and support. At the same time, FEC is strongly suggesting all students to be part of different activities.



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