Future Opportunities in Civil Engineering

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On 27 January 2016, Epoka University Future Engineers Club and Department of Civil Engineering organized an open forum with MSc. Edison Barhani, one of the most distinguished professors of our university.

Mr.Barhani graduated from Boğaziçi University, Department of Civil Engineering (Istanbul/Turkey) where he has also completed  the Master Studies in the field of Transportation engineering.

The forum was about “ Future  Opportunities in Civil Engineering”.  Mr. Barhani shared some of his valuable experiences in this field, trying to solve student’s dilemmas regarding the path that they should follow in the future to be as successful as they wish. During the forum, he tried to explain what Albanian and European market is lacking in civil engineering skills, such as environmental engineers. The main advice MSc.Edison Barhani gave to our students, was to fill those void spaces in Civil Engineering Industry, and to work really hard in improving their skills and never give up on their goals because Civil Engineering can offer a bright future for everyone.

After the speech, students were free to ask questions and discuss their concerns.



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