One Day Trip to Berat


As one of the oldest clubs at Epoka University, Future Engineers Club is aiming to provide a forum for all future engineers and others whose common interest is in different engineering discipline. It is in our mission to help students to become valuable individuals to contribute for the development of Albania.

On 25 March 2017, Future Engineers Club organized a trip to beautiful city of Berat. The event was attended from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students as well as from the professors of Civil Engineering department of Epoka University.

The excursion consisted of many activities including:

  1. The visiting of Berat Castle that also included the exploration of many structures and buildings that were constructed during the XII-XIV century (churches, arches etc). While visiting the castle we also admired the beauty of the “Një Mbi Një Dritare” that consists of several houses that are built one after another.
  2. A quick tour of city that gave us also the opportunity to see the “Gorica Bridge”, an old bridge built by stone and composed of many arches that was retrofitted in recent years.
  3. After all, we had the chance to enjoy the Lunch at a traditional restaurant where the students and the professors had the opportunity to know each other better while talking about different topics.



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