OPEN FORUM – Climate Change and Challenges to Civil Engineers

Eglantina Bruci

On Thursday, May 25, 2017, Future Engineers Club in collaboration with Civil Engineering department organized an Open Forum entitled: Climate Change Programme. For this event, Prof. Dr. Eglantina Bruci was invited from the “Climate Change Programme, UNDP” as a guest speaker at Epoka University.

Ms. Eglantina Bruci was graduated with “Honour” in Physics from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana. She has more than 30 years research work in the area of climate change consisting mainly  in:

  • Development of climate change scenarios for Albania
  • leading the multidisciplinary teams (national and international)on:
    – climate related vulnerability assessment for different economic sectors  in Albania
    – assessment of adaptation opportunities
  • Lead author of a series of fundamental publications related to climate changes for Albania (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd National Communication  of Albania to the United Nations Convention Framework  on Climate Change);

Prof. Dr. Bruci was involved in many project financed by UNDP, WB, UNESCO, NATO, etc. in the positions of the Manager, Technical Coordinator and/or expert, International consultant and reviewer for several in-depth reviews of the National Communications of Annex I countries, coordinated from the UNFCCC secretariat and involvement in reviewing process of different IPCC reports.

Now Ms. Eglantina holds the Doctor Degree on Special Physics and Scientific Title Professor.

In this Open Forum, the guest clarified most of the questions related to the climate changes. Prof. Dr. Eglantina started her presentation with a brief introduction in “What is climate change”  then she explained the impacts, implications for engineering, mitigation and adaption etc…

Finally, general conclusions and drawbacks were outlined. Our students were welcomed to ask questions and express their ideas about the topic discussed.



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