OPEN FORUM – Ervin Mici


On April 27, 2017, Future Engineers Club in collaboration with Civil Engineering Department organized an Open Forum with special guest: Mr. Ervin Mici, the representative of Knauf Albania. The topic of the forum was “The use of Thermo-Hydro Isolation systems in construction industry”. Moreover, Mr. Ervin extended his presentation on acoustic systems used in today’s constructions. Our guest, described in details the importance and the impact of thermo-hydro isolation systems and how they can be used in buildings effectively.

During the forum students had the opportunity to gather a lot of information and get used to the basic concepts behind thermo-isolation and sound-isolation systems. Firstly, our guest Ervin Mici explained why the isolation of buildings should never be underestimated and should always be considered in the early phases of the construction. Mr. Mici then demonstrated to students some of the basic isolation systems that are commonly used in construction industry and where should they be used depending on the environment. At the same time students were able to learn some of the technologies that Knauf uses here in Albania in order to assure thermal and sound isolation. All in all, the Open Forum was very instructive and fascinating especially for Civil Engineering and Architecture students.



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