Project Management in Construction

Project Management in Construction


Open Forum – Project Management in Construction

On the open forum, organized on April 13, by Future Engineers Club with the support of the Department of Civil Engineering, Anri Lushnjariwas invited and  discussed about “Project Management in Construction”, where the main focus was on the Hydropower Plant of Banja, one of the two plants in which Devolli Hydropower Project consists of. During pre-construction and construction phase of the hydropower plant, apart from the technical point of view, Project Management has played a crucial role in reaching to optimize cost, time and resources, all required to complete this project according to the plan.

Mr. Anri explained all the challenges that an engineer has to deal with when taking part in a hydropower plant project including: social impact, environmental effect and technical issues.

He also gave some some advice to the audience about the way of behaving or managing different situations during a specific work in this construction site.

 After a long speech, many students asked questions about constructing the foundations of  a dam, risks an engineer has to take in order to complete a successful objective in work, reasons for choosing an appropriate place or site for planting a hydropower, estimated cost of this project etc.

 The meeting was very interactive and provided a lot of knowledge about a developed project such the Hydropower Plant of Banja.



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