Rresheni Hydropower

Site Visit - Rresheni Hydropower

Site Visit – Rresheni Hydropower

On April 27, 2016 Future Engineers Club, supported by the Department of Civil Engineering at Epoka University, organized a site visit at one of the biggest hydropower plants in Albania.

       This activity consisted of a technical excursion in the Hydropower Plant of RReshen, which was being constructed by “Aydıner Construction Co., Inc.”.

  This site is a part of the constructed infrastructure included in the “Fani i Madh and Fani  i Vogel” hydroelectric power plant in the Puke, Mirdite and Lezhe districts for exploitation of hydro energy capabilities, which comprises four hydropower projects, through the development of the upper and lower basin of Fan i Madh River and Fan i Vogel River. This is a project planned to harness the hydro potential of the aforementioned rivers in north of Albania. The objective of this project activity is the generation of renewable energy with negligible GHG emissions and a minimum impact on environment, culture and  society.

       This hydropower plant contained all the engineering elements that such a project includes: dam, water reservoir, intake or control gates, the penstock, water turbines and generators. As mentioning above, these parts explain every technical, technological or engineering aspect in general, so the organized event would provide anyone a lot of knowledge about the way of constructing a hydropower plant, the way of its functionality, the methods used to maintain such an infrastructure and the challenges that an engineer should deal with while implementing the project.

After the activity, everyone was informed a lot about this branch of engineering and they were motivated to participate in the organization of such projects in the near future.



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