Workshop – Needle Tower



On 30 and 31 March 2017, the Future Engineers Club, supported by the Department of Civil Engineering at Epoka University, organized a organized a workshop that was dedicated to the construction of  the “Needle Tower”.

“The Needle Tower” is a tensegrity model that was firstly created in 1968 by the famous architect Keneth Snelson, who is known for this kind of structures. Tensegrity is special type of design principle, first introduced in 1920, that contains sets of discontinuous compression elements that are balanced by tensile forces, thereby creating an internal stability that make the structure stand still.

Even though the beauty of the structure makes it look more suitable for an architectural project, our club decided to take on this project for the different engineering challenges that it offers in combining the right amount of compression and tensile forces. In the construction of the model we decided to use different aluminum cylinders as compression elements because of  the lightweight of aluminum. On the other side we decided to use stainless plastic string as tensile members. In the end we planned that the project will be around 5 meters in height and will contain 7 stories.

We worked for two consecutive days and faced different adversities while trying to raise the structure but with tenacity and team work we were able to overcome every difficulty and finish the project as planned.



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